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The “M” Word

For any male readers, you may want to just leave now.  Or perhaps read on …. if you’ve a hankerin’ to learn how these things work.  😉

So at age 52.5 I believed that I had finally reached the “M” word.  Menopause.  There are certain attributes of the “M” word that are fantastic …. the absence of “my friend” is the bomb.  And then it happened.  A little over a week ago “my friend” returned.  And with a vengeance.  What the hell??  And from what I hear, if that happens, the 12 month no friend clock starts all over again, before you can say you are in menopause.  Get the calendar out.

But then other bad things happen.  Tired all the time, fuzzy brain, bloated, weight gain, terribly achy joints, etc, etc.  These achy joints are what spurred me back into action on the eating clean path again.

I found that the last time I cleaned up my eating ways, I not only felt better in general, but my aches and pains went away as well.  We truly are what we eat!  And being I’ve been feeling like a 150 year old woman of late, it’s time.  Time to kick the salt and sugar to the curb.  Trash the processed and trade it in for fresh, homemade goodness.

After much research I’ve added Vit b6 and b12 to my daily routine.  Along with some calcium (which I was supposed to start taking about 5 years ago, but never did).  I also started back with Natural Progesterone Cream.  I had a bad bought of Pre”M” back when I was 38.  Used the Progesterone Cream back then and it did wonders.  Truly.  Totally balances out the estrogen in your body.    I just started using it again a few days ago.  Can’t WAIT for it to kick in so I can be balanced again.  Between the cream, the vitamins, clean eating and walking I should feel 35 again in no time!!

If you need more info on Natural Progesterone Cream pick up one of Dr. John R. Lee’s books:  “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About PreMenopause” and “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause”.  I have them both and they are so helpful.

So, made The Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Florentine Pasta last night and it was deeeelicious!  Probably just having left overs and salad tonight.

Making homemade granola today.  Best granola on the planet!  You should try it.  Here’s the recipe.

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Apparently the deep freeze is coming. I believe it’s supposed to get down to the teens for a couple of days.  Brrrrrr!  So glad I don’t live in Minnesota anymore!  Hope everyone stays warm and toasty.  Good days for homemade soups and stews for sure!

Happy Tuesday!



Our Future Garden & A Pulled Back Muscle

It was such a beautiful weekend here in NC.  My hubby and I worked outside all day on Saturday.  I cleaned up the side yard – a monumental chore.  The right side of our house has always been a problem spot for us.  We’ve had erosion issues over there and over the years the beautiful red clay we call soil has pretty much turned into concrete.  I’ve got a few hostas, a hydrangea and assorted other struggling plants over there, but that’s it.  A couple of years ago we put up this cute fence to block off the offending side yard.  And that helped.  But what to do with it?

Part of the problem is the trees.  We have a lot of them.  They create a lot of shade which is great during the dog days of summer, but not so great for growing healthy plants and grass.  Well last fall we had our trees trimmed up.  Way up!  Now they are tall and grand and we’ve got some filtered light coming into places that has never seen the light of day.  One being our poor, pathetic side yard!  It is now getting quite a bit of direct sunlight.  So we’ve decided to do a raised bed veggie/herb garden over there.  Hubby is excited!!  He has always wanted to have a vegetable garden.  We’re going to start small.  Probably something about 10’x5′ or so.  Raised and filled with some nice rich black dirt and compost from our never ending leaf pile!

So Saturday I raked all the leaves together into one massive pile – and I do mean massive.  Hubby mowed over it several times and then my next door neighbor graciously brought over his push mulching mower and chopped it up into barely there little pieces.  AMAZING!!  And the whole time I’m thinking and WHY do we spend weekends and weekends every fall hauling leaves to the woods when we could be doing this??  Next, we’ve got to build the frame and fill it with dirt.  Then the exciting part, going to pick out our plants!!  I’m also excited about turning our ugly little side yard into something beautiful and useful.  I snapped a couple pics so you could see the before.

It was great to be feeling better and have the energy to work outside and not have to sit down every 20 minutes.  And Vitamin D?  I got tons of it!!  🙂  But then it happened.  Went to bed Saturday night feeling just fine.  Got up a couple of times to .. you know.. pee.  Was just fine.  Then about 4:00 got up one more time to .. you know.. pee and had this super sharp pain running from just above my left should blade and extending down about a foot.  Owwwwee!  Obviously I slept wrong and cricked or pulled something.  It hurt like the dickons yesterday.  Hubby kept telling me to ice it.  I finally did last night, twice, but it didn’t really help much.  Going to try the heating pad today – just for a little bit.  Was so disappointed that I couldn’t go outside and work yesterday.  Oh well.  I guess it’s not going anywhere.  I sat in my front porch rocker and just admired all my handy work from the day before.  It was nice.  🙂

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