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My Story In A Nutshell

So here it is January 2015 and I am back to where I was when I started this journey back in 2012!  I did sooo good for about a year or so and then I fell off the wagon.  It didn’t take long for my body to regress right back to feeling like crap.  But reading this little blog has inspired me to pick myself up, dust myself off and try again.  This time I intend to succeed and not just for a year, but for the long haul.  So follow along and please feel free to leave comments and links to any good articles or recipes you find along the way.  I wish us much success, health and happiness for 2015!  




Hey Everyone!  I am Sandy.  Wife, mom and photographer.  I am a junk food junkie, although I do eat a good home-cooked meal most nights.  I’m not a big eater-outer, but do graze from my pantry pretty much all day. Working from home is not good for the waistline and sitting in a chair editing all day is definitely not good for the rear!  I’ll be 50 this year and fear that Madame “M” is right around the corner.  She has been wreaking havoc with my body for close to a year now, but especially in the past few weeks.  Really bad joint pains (whine), total lack of focus (not good when you run a business), “foggy, groggy” brain, no motivation, no creativity (bad when you are a photographer), so, so tired …. sigh

Finally came to the conclusion that I must do something about this!  Went to the doctor, found out I’m low in Vit D.  So now taking one 50,000 unit Vit D pill per week for 8 weeks.  Hopefully, that will help bunches!  Hormone test is next.  But the biggest thing is changing what I eat.  I’m going to cut out as much processed food as possible.  If you think about the sugar, salt and chemicals in the foods we eat, it’s no wonder we all feel sluggish!  So I’m getting educated and I’m acting.  Finally.  I’m also going to add sunshine to each and every day.  Even if it’s only 20 minutes sitting on my front porch watching the world go by.  No more sitting in my house for days on end.  It’s a start and I hope when I read this journal a year from now that I will be a vibrant, energetic, 50 year old who is healthy and loving life!

Be sure and join  the It’s Time To Get Healthy Facebook Group!!  Leave comments, recipes, pearls of wisdom … I’m like a sponge!

And please feel free to comment here as well!  I’d love to chat with you!

xoxo Sandy

p.s.  This is a freebie blog so not as jazzy as my photography blog.  If you have any issues with it, please give me a shout!

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  1. I just looked at your photos on your website, my goodness! Soooo beautiful!

  2. Awwwwww, thank you so much! :))

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