One Day At A Time

Starting Over

Hey Guys!

Happy New Year – 2015!!  A lot has happened since this little blog fell by the wayside.  My girlfriends and I were out walking this morning and talking about eating healthier, juicing, etc. and I was telling them about some of the recipes I used to make – BIFOTW (before I fell off the wagon).  I decided to look up this blog and see if it was still out there – and, low and behold, it was!  And I still remember the password to start blogging on it again!!

So enjoyed going back through and reading my posts.  What a journey I was on.  I’m inspired to be that person again!

Having fallen off the clean eating wagon over a year ago, I now am back at the place I was when I first started this blog back in 2012.  Well no more.  I’m tired of being that unhealthy person.  I’m ready to be strong and vibrant!  So I’ve got my grocery list made out, hopping in the shower and heading to the grocery to stock up on yummies!

Tonight I’ll be making The Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Florentine Pasta.  It is delicious!!  I’ll also be buying ingredients to make granola and yummy salads for lunch.  I also really like the lean ground beef and brown rice patties for lunch.  So many yummy things I used to eat!!  Can’t wait to get started again!!

Here’s to a vibrant New Year for us all!!

Glad to be back.  =>


Comments on: "Starting Over" (2)

  1. Have an awesome 2015!

  2. Thanks Jeyna! Back at ya!

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