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My Juicer is Here!

Okay, just a quick note.  My juicer arrived this afternoon and she is beautiful!  I gave her a quick wash up and loaded her up with 2 red apples, 1/2 of a cucumber and about 10 red grapes.  She ate those up and spit out a large glass of  juice lickety split!  First thoughts – that fruit combo I used made a brown colored drink  (hmmm – not uberly attractive).  It tasted delicious however,  for me, it was just a tad too sweet.  I guess that’s why you add in the veggies!  Or maybe some lime.  I will definitely have to experiment until I come up with the right sweetness.    I will say that when I was done drinking it I was quite full!  Didn’t want ANYTHING for a good couple of hours.  As a matter of fact, I really wasn’t that hungry for dinner.  I only had a small helping of flounder and broccoli.  I’m done eating for the night!

Cleanup was super easy and fast.  The only thing is you’ve got to get the little basket with the blades out immediately and soak it in a bowl of hot, soapy water or it will stick on for sure!  No biggie.  I put her on the corner of my island so she is ready to use at any time.  If I put her in the pantry and had to pull her out every time I know I wouldn’t use her.  Looking forward to making something to go with my toast in the morning.

Will post pics tomorrow.  Too tired and allergy ridden today….

Happy night everyone!  🙂


Comments on: "My Juicer is Here!" (2)

  1. How exciting! Sounds like you’ll be getting in some vegetables after all…Can’t wait to see the pictures. You have such a good eye!

    If your allergies are an outdoor spring hayfever sort, try Quercitin. It does absolute wonders for Rob’s allergies. He took it daily during hay fever season and didn’t have so much as a sneeze. I would also try and find a local raw honey source. The more local and the more raw the better. It helps build up a tolerance to the local pollen, reducing or eliminating allergies. Maybe add a little to your juice!


    • Hey Heather!

      Thanks!! So this morning I juiced one orange (no peel), about 6 strawberries, 1/3 cucumber and about 12 baby spinach leaves. It was pretty good! Much better than yesterday’s! I’m surprised at how full I am after drinking one of those. I had the juice with an egg and a slice of ww toast with butter. I was stuffed afterward. :0 I didn’t take any pics today. Too weepy eyed and sneezy to bother. Probably tomorrow.

      I spread 10 bales of pine needles yesterday. I’m sure that’s what’s got me going, along with the yellow dusting of pollen on EVERYTHING around here! I found a place just up the road which I believe sells raw honey. He’s got several hives outside. Need to stop in and see what he’s got. I didn’t realize that honey can help with allergies. I know my mom spread it on flea bites one time and it cleared them right up! I’ll check into the Quercitin as well. Thanks for the info!! 🙂

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