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Okay peeps.  We had brown rice for dinner.  I made the Steamfresh brown rice because my friend, Lorena, told me it was pretty good.  And it was  good.  But it needs something.  I added green pepper and onion, but it needs some spices.  Do ya’ll have any suggestions that will add some great flavor without adding a lot of salt or sugar?  Thanks!!   🙂


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  1. You could cook the brown rice in homemade stock, that adds great flavor all by itself.
    You could add chopped garlic, which I add to just about everything 🙂

    You should definately make sure you are eating brown rice with a healthy fat, like butter! This helps you absorb more of the vitamins and minerals in the rice.

    You could add a big scoop of salsa, and have mexican rice.

    You could eat the rice cold with milk poured over top, and add cinnamon and maple syrup for a “breakfast cereal”

  2. Great suggestions Heather!! I need to make some homemade stock. Don’t have any of that. It really wasn’t bad. It just needed some flavor. Kind of bland. I did put a little bit of butter on it, but it just needed something else. I’m so glad you’re here! You have awesome suggestions! 🙂

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