One Day At A Time

So, over the weekend, my hubby and I outdid ourselves.  Literally!!  We built and planted our first raised bed vegetable garden!!  WooHoo!!

We began by pouring over some Pinterest ideas on raised beds, then took ourselves down to Home Depot to purchase our supplies.  We had planned on building our frame out of cedar or redwood, but HD had neither.  So we bought just plain old construction wood (non pressure treated).  Not sure how many years we’ll get out of it.  But it’s a start.  🙂  Building the frame was the easy part!  8’x4′ with posts in the corners.

The hard part was filling it with soil!  Yikes!  We got two scoops of rich black soil from Newton Farm and Garden.  They had the kind with “some clumps and sticks” for $5 a scoop or a sifted type for $15 a scoop.  He assured us that both grow beautiful gardens.  So we decided that we were able bodied humans who could rake out a few clumps and sticks.  So for $10 we filled our little frame with good rich soil.  I added the finely chopped leaves every few inches or so and mixed it really well.   The result was rich, airy soil that I’m sure the plants will love.    Now the soil…  whewwee !  That was backbreaking work.  First of all, two scoops of slightly wet  dirt had our F150 almost dragging the ground.  Good thing we live close by!  We had to get it out of the truck, to save the tires, and beat the impending rain they were forecasting!  So, because it had clumps and sticks in it, we just shoveled it into a pile so we could go through it BEFORE putting it into the frame.  So, basically we shoveled twice.  Hubby shoveled it out of the truck and I shoveled it into the frame.  Overall, the soil was great!  A few big sticks and some clay clods, but otherwise rich and dark.

At Home Depot we selected two trays of Romaine lettuce, a tray of spinach, 4 small green pepper plants, 1 Roma tomato and a cherry tomato, 2 flats of broccoli, some onions, carrot and radish seeds.  Then once I started planting, I realized I had too much for our 8’x4′ frame!  lol  Forgot about spacing the plants out!!  haha   Here I was going to plant some geraniums and marigolds in there as well to repel bugs….  Oh well, they’ll just have to go in their own pots outside the frame.

We are so tickled with how it turned out!!  Cutest thing ever!  We spend about $100 on the frame, dirt and plants.  So not bad at all for our own fresh veggies!  I think I’m going to add some large pots for cucumbers and maybe some potatoes.   I also need to get some pine needles to sprinkle around the outside to make it all pretty and stuff.  🙂

Here’s some pics of our first veggie garden.  🙂  Check out the cute marigold yellow tomato cage I got at HD.  🙂


Comments on: "Our First Garden {{heart}}" (4)

  1. Your little garden looks so good. You guys did a great job, you are going to enjoy this year round. 🙂

  2. I can’t wait for everything to GROW! =D

  3. I remember my first vegetable garden. I was so excited I planted a whole row of vegetables that we don’t even like. I was a growing fool. Literally 🙂

    I am totally jealous of your backyard. Gorgeous!

  4. Thanks! My backyard is a total mess right now! Just started raking out beds etc. I’ve got a long way to go! This side yard has always been a loss for us. Drainage issues have totally destroyed the topsoil and just left a hard bed of clay. We had our trees trimmed way up over the fall and finally get sunshine over there. The perfect place for a raised veggie bed! I just hope that it’s going to be deep enough for these babies to do well. If not, we’ll make it higher next year. It’s a start! =>

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