One Day At A Time


Grapes.  I’m eating grapes.  🙂

Maybe not the most nutritious fruit of the bunch, but fruit none-the-less.  🙂


Comments on: "Grapes" (2)

  1. Angelika Johnson said:

    Yay! The “fruit snob” has some grapes! They must be at the perfect ripeness. 🙂 lol And you’re doing so well on this new blog but I do have a question….are you still doing your photography business??? You haven’t mentioned it in weeks! No blog post, no pictures, no newsletter, no webinars…vacation? 🙂

  2. Yes, well I did pick off the less than perfect grapes before I put them on my plate. 🙂

    Yes, I’m still in the photography business. But I have to admit, that I have been in quite the slump. I have been working behind the scenes, but am totally struggling with blogging, newsletter, etc. I need to just start blogging every day there like I’m doing here. But I don’t want to just blog silly stuff there. Makes it tough.

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