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The Gray Hair Dilema

So, I have gray hair.  A LOT of it actually.  Like 75%!  I know, right?  Thanks Dad.  He has a full head of beautiful silvery hair.  I’m sure mine will be just like that someday – after I stop coloring the he** out of  it!  I’ve colored my hair since I was like 29 years old.  Almost HALF of my life!  Dang!

Well along with all the screwed up things going on with my body, my hair has decided that it doesn’t want to be colored anymore.  I color my own – cause well I’d have to give up an arm and a leg to have it professionally colored every 3 weeks or so.  And I use really good color.  But the last few months or so, it barely looks like I’ve even colored it when I’m done.  And then I tend to let it go too long and it actually starts to look WHITE!  OMG!  How old am I really?

Funniest thing, a couple of days ago I happened to look at the back of my hair in the mirror, holding a hand mirror you know, and under the top layer it was ALL gray!  Apparently, the last time I colored I completely missed the whole under layer!  :0   What a mess I am!  So, I asked Kelly to color my hair for me today.  Let me just tell you that she made to sure to get color on every-single-strand-of-hair.  And I left it on a lot longer than it says.  It’s still wet, so I don’t know quite know the results.  But it looks dark.  Fingers crossed.  I’ll be happy if it’s just one color!  lol

I’m having a whole conversation in my head about when to just let it be gray.  And how on Earth does one go from colored hair to letting it be gray?  It’s not a pretty sight when it starts to fade out and the roots show.  eeeghads!!  I’m thinking that you just go in and have the whole head colored a pretty silver and call it a day.   sigh…  Such a dilemma…..

Hope ya’ll don’t have such pressing matters weighing on your Tuesday evening!  =)


Comments on: "The Gray Hair Dilema" (4)

  1. I have no clue what to do. If it were me…I would try some neat pastel colors over gray. Lt. pink or blue…maybe purple. Just for fun.

  2. Well now, there’s a thought. I could try a different color each week! =>

  3. I read an article on having low lights put in your gray as it grows out. Of course, it is like high lights in reverse. they put streaks of the color you are using onto the gray, each time using less and less until it is all grey. Google it! It will explain it better.

    • I’m going to go with my neighbor next week to talk to her hair lady. I’m hoping she will have some suggestions for me. Not only does the hair turn gray but it becomes uncooperative as well! I would like to get a cuter, more fashionable cut as well.

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