One Day At A Time

So, the main reason I have decided to cut out processed food and learn to eat real food is to get healthy and just feel better.  BUT, my handy dandy Skinny Chicks book says that if you cut out processed and switch to real you will lose weight naturally, without having to count calories, watch fat or count points.  Just eat real food and consume it in moderation.  Can’t beat that!

Enter the Pounds Jars.  I got this super cute idea from Pinterest!  I am a very visual person. I need something to sit on my counter and remind me every day of why I am doing something.  And how cute are these jars??

All you need is a couple of jars and 2 different colored beads, buttons or something else to represent the number of pounds you want to lose.  I found these cute vases at Michaels as well as the glass beads.  I really liked the green beads, but they were a combo of green and clear.  They represent one pound each.  Then the beautiful blue beads represent 5 pounds each.  So, for each pound lost I transfer one green or white bead to the Pounds Lost jar and each time I reach a 5 pound mark I get to transfer a blue bead as well.  I have 45 beads in my jar.  =0   Plus 8 blue beads.

Aren’t they pretty?  =)

So I’ve been eating pretty “real” since Friday.  With only a couple of hiccups.   I feel pretty good.  Much less bloated and less foggy around the brain.  I’m sure the Vit D supplement and the fact that I have been making myself get at least 20 minutes of sunshine is helping with that as well.  Got on the scale this morning and, guess what??  I LOST 1.5 POUNDS!!!    I’m so excited!  I got to move my first bead this morning!  Isn’t she pretty?

Note to self:  Get rid of that ugly little sticker on the bottom of the vase.  It’s taking away from my beautiful little bead.

The cute little vinyl letters were made by none other than my friend, neighbor and co-owner of Sassy Expressions!  Be sure and check them out on Facebook.  They have the cutest vinyl gifts!  Thanks Martha!  I love my jars!  I hope to add another bead to my jar next week!

Now, I won’t lie.  I am REALLY hungry right now.  And I REALLY want something sweet.  So going to go make myself some eggs and toast with real butter (yummy!) and hope that hits the spot.

Happy Wednesday!  =)


Comments on: "Glass Beads & Pounds Lost" (3)

  1. Shawn R. said:

    Love the jar idea! But I think if I start one, my husband may want one and he is ahead in pounds lost, so I don’t think I’m going to do it. lol

  2. haha Shawn! It’s so NOT fair that men can lose weight so much faster than women. I think you should make you some and just tell him that he can’t have any! 😉

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