One Day At A Time

So on Sunday I asked my hubby to go to the grocery store with me.  I usually go by myself, but I’ve been so uninspired lately, that I usually come home with a high bill but not much to eat.  Strange, I know.  So while we were shopping I finally told hubby that I was going to cut out as much processed food from my diet as possible.  I don’t know why I hadn’t told him before.  Probably because I thought he would think that I could never stick to this.  If you knew my cookie obsession, you would probably agree with him!

Well I thought wrong!  He was totally on board with eating better!  He said he would LOVE IT if we would get rid of the junk in the pantry!  Yay!  So as we shopped for the couple items on my list I told him about a couple of the things that I had learned in my Skinny Chick book.  Such as  looking for items with less than FIVE ingredients on the nutrition label.  Whew!  That’s hard to find!  Also, that sugar and salt is in everything!  A lot!  We’re starting with sugar.  I learned that 4 grams of sugar (on the nutrition label) is = 1 actual teaspoon of sugar.  So, to lose weight you should consume no more than 20 added grams of sugar per day.  So, hubby and I needed to get a bottle of bbq sauce.  Holy Moly!  Most bbq sauces had 12 – 24 grams of sugar PER 2 tablespoons!!!  Yikes!  We finally purchased a bottle of Webers, which seems to be one of the best, nutritionally speaking, on the shelf.  Sugar was only 6 and the ingredient list was not too terribly long.  And it was good!  🙂

For a real shocker, check out how much sugar is in the healthy OJ you drink in the morning!!  Yikes!

Now let’s talk about snacking.  I’m not going to stick my head in the sand and think for a moment that I will just give up snacking.  After all, I am the Snacking Queen!  I habitually jump from sweet to salty, and salty to sweet all day long.  So, I need to have a couple of snacky type things I can turn to in the event of an urge.  Enter Triscuits.  I’ve never been a fan.  Funny texture and all.  But, I bought a box – please note the ZERO sugar on the label!  I can actually eat about 5 triscuits with slices of cheddar cheese on top and feel quite satisfied.  And it’s a pretty nutritious snack (from what I can tell).  Much better than 3 Oreo cookies!!  lol

One last thing for today.  We rarely eat out.  We’re actually quite happy eating at home, not to mention how much it costs to eat out these days!  But yesterday I ate out not once, but twice!  I took Stephanie out to lunch for her birthday.  She wanted to go to East Coast Wings.  We had turkey burgers, but those buns were something else!  And I felt the bloat from it later.  Then hubby called and asked if we were going out to dinner to celebrate Stephanie’s birthday!  double lol!    We went to Carrabbas.  Again I tried to eat fairly good.  Had a bowl of the Sicilian Chicken Soup (ate about 1/3 of it), but I have to say I could taste the salt in it!  And a plain side salad.  And maybe 2-3 pieces of their fabulous bread and dipping oil!  But in my defense I ate the end pieces.  They were smaller.  =>  Not eating out again for the rest of the week!


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