One Day At A Time

Hey everybody!  My name is Sandy.  I am a wife, a mom and a photographer.  A lot of you already know me either as a friend or via Sandy Keys Photography.  You are probably wondering what it in the world I am doing with ANOTHER blog?!?  Well, those of you who do know me, or follow me via my blog or facebook know that I have not been feeling well lately.  For the better part of a year, but getting continually worse, I’ve been experiencing joint aches and pains, bouts of being tired for days on end, bouts of “foggy brain”, lack of focus, no inspiration, sitting like a hermit in my house ….

Well I finally drug my butt to the doctor last week and found out that, for beginners, I am low in Vitamin D.  So I’ve been prescribed Vit D2.  One pill once a week for 8 weeks (50,000 units).  Then a recheck.  I forgot to tell you that I will be 50 this June, so I’m positive that the big “M” word is in my near future.  I know that Madam “M” can wreak total havoc on a woman’s body, so I was a little disappointed when the doctor came back with just low Vitamin D.  I mean I was happy, cause that seems like an easy fix, but really, ALL those symptoms just because I’m a little low on Vitamin D?  Really?

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that my body ain’t gonna fix itself.  That I’m going to have to help out.  A lot.  I have to do the work to make myself feel better.  And instead of proclaiming some big broad goal, I’m going to list just a couple of small, achievable goals.

I’m going to concentrate on one day at a time.  Not a month, or even a year.

Each day I am going to eat as much “real” food as possible and cut out the processed or “fake” food.

Each day I will go outside at least 20 minutes a day.  Even if it’s just to sit on my front porch and rock while watching the birds.

That’s it.  These are the goals I’m going to start with.

And I thought ya’ll might want to help me!  Lucky you!!

So why did a start a new blog?  It’s going to be a journal of sorts.  Someplace for me to jot down my accomplishments.  The things I try.  The things that work.  The things that don’t work.  Recipes I find that I like.  Tips on grocery shopping …  etc. etc.  If no one besides me ever reads the blog that’s okay.  It’s a great place for me  to come everyday and jot down my thoughts.  BUT, if you’d like to participate I would absolutely LOVE your input and your support!

Do you have favorite real food recipes?  I’d love to see them!  Do you have tips on dealing with Madam “M”, I’d love to hear those as well.

And let me just say now, that this page will be written like I’m sitting at a table with a cup of coffee while we chat.  I don’t have to be politically correct here like over at SKP.  =>

So, because I am a photographer and I believe that a blog post should have a picture, here’s the book that I am currently reading.  Love the title!  It is a fantastic book.  It does such a good job of explaining what “real” food is.  What type of hidden bad things are found in the everyday foods we eat.   How much sugar and salt we should be consuming everday vs how much we actually consume!  Yikes!  I will share a funny story about bbq sauce shopping with my hubby on tomorrow’s post.

You can find it at or Barnes & Noble.

Thanks for hanging out!   xoxo Sandy


Comments on: "Welcome To My Brand New Blog!" (4)

  1. Shawn R. said:

    Welcome to the world of ‘Real Food’. We have been doing this since the first of the year and I can’t tell you how much better we feel. Here is a link,, to a great site that will explain alot about real food, she recommends the book you are reading now. I love her recipes.

    • Thank you for commenting Shawn!! I’m actually kind of excited! I did briefly look at the 100daysofrealfood blog, but I need to really take some time to sit down and read it. I definitely need some recipes! Any favorites? We like pasta. lol 🙂

      • Shawn R. said:

        Her spaghetti and meatballs get great reviews, we haven’t tried them yet. We are trying to eat real food and trying to lose some weight at the same time, so we are limiting our carb intake for now. You have to try the Tomato Bisque. I am not a fan of tomato soup, but this is fabulous! I also really like the easy cheesy crackers. I just realized that I have only tried a few of her recipes, I have been gathering from everywhere.

  2. Awesome! I will definitely try these!!

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